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Jukka Ala-Mutka is a noted thought leader in leadership, agility, and innovation; a keynote speaker, and an author, as well as an appreciated contributor to leadership and organizational culture in social media. He has held the post-doctoral research fellow of Management and Organization at McGill University in Canada, a senior research fellow and lecturer at the Helsinki School of Economics and Aalto University in Finland. His new book in Finnish – Johtajuuden rakentajat: Edelläkävijöiden kertomuksia itseohjautuvuudesta ja kokeilukulttuurista – is research of shared leadership, self-management, and the culture of experimentation from 12 case studies – a much-needed guide for any company that seeks to succeed in the transformation. Jukka has written three books in Finnish, and the new one – The Nordic Leadership – is becoming in English in 2021.

Jukka Ala-Mutka combines rigorous analysis with a creative and often surprising outlook on human behavior, bringing topics like a team sport and organizational psychology into his interpretations of existing and future business.

Jukka Ala-Mutka’s approach to leadership, agility, and business is highly creative and often turns notions we take for granted on their heads. Rather than presenting the same buzzword as everyone else, he challenges our thinking through provocation, juxtaposition, and real stories. His audiences tend to thank him for both the smiles and the food for thought.

The real stories based on his long career in change management and extensive case studies as well. Jukka has analyzed and executed growth and change programs in various industries; IT, metal, beverages, oil & gas, and interior furniture.

In his book, Johtajuuden rakentajat (cases from 12 Finnish companies) first published in 2019, Jukka working with the critical aspects of shared leadership and the culture of experimentation – how to start the change towards self-management and what are the fundamental problems during the journey. Here he discusses the challenging the present change management truths and inconsistent demands placed on leaders, and how the best servant leaders manage to deal through the transition.


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1996-2001 Business Development Manager, Siemens

2001-2005 Strategy consultant for TOP 500 companies in Finland

2006-2009 Postdoctoral research fellow, McGill University (Canada) & Helsinki School of Economics

2006-2015 Senior lecturer Helsinki School of Economics & Aalto University

2006-2019 Serial entrepreneur, invested in six companies (consulting, business software, media, education technology, music mobile app, ocean race sailing boat) 

2018-2019 Growth Hacker, Fingertip (business software)

2005- Advisory, investing and writing

2019- Keynote speaker:

MySpeaker (contract),

Cool’n’talk UK (contract),

Puhujatori (contract), and

thought leader/influencer: Bonfire (contract)


2019 Johtajuuden rakentajat, Growman (in Finnish) => Buy 

2008 Strategiamalli, Alma/Talentum (in Finnish) => Buy

2004 Tee asiakassuhteista tuottavia Alma/Talentum (in Finnish)


2005 D.Sc. (tech), Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Bio (short version)

Jukka Ala-Mutka, D.Sc.

Innovator, speaker, scientist, and consultant

Jukka Ala-Mutka is passionate about finding new ways to lead in the era of artificial intelligence, platforms, and social media. He has founded six companies and coached over 100 new business ideas. His core competences are a business in the digital era, agile culture, lean management, business model innovation, and shared leadership. He has worked as a development manager at Siemens and as a strategy consultant for large enterprises, SMEs, and technology startups. Alongside his work, he has done academic research at Aalto University, McGill University, Helsinki School of Economics, and the Tampere University of Technology. His work focuses on issues of self-management, shared leadership, growth hacking, and transformation in the era of artificial intelligence, and often builds on counter-intuitive analyses of core assumptions within leadership thinking. Jukka has written three books about strategic agility, customer experience, and shared leadership & the culture of experimentation. Jukka frequently speaks at various events, ranging from Executive MBA and leadership programs to giving interactive sessions and workshops for smaller groups and startups.

Motto: “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” ~ Pippi Longstocking