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Jukka Ala-Mutka is a noted thought leader in leadership, agility, organizational culture, and innovation, as well as a keynote speaker, and an appreciated contributor in social media. Jukka is a global keynote speaker, and he speaks at various events, ranging from keynoting conferences or events for companies to giving interactive sessions and workshops for smaller groups and startups. Jukka has gotten top marks and rave reviews at conferences and Executive MBA programs.

Jukka speaks on several topics, including but not limited to leadership, innovation, communication, organizational psychology, and artificial intelligence.

  • Nordic Leadership: trust, safe, equal, and participatory culture
  • The Bossless Upside-down Organization
  • The Art of Original Thinking and Innovation
  • Inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue in the Digital Age
  • The Culture of Experimentation & Agility
  • Shared Leadership in the Age of AI-driven Platforms and Social Media
  • How to lead millennials in the workplace

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Keynotes (contract) in Finnish
Keynotes (contract) in English
Keynotes (contract) in Finnish
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Keynote topics in Finnish

  • Johtajuuden Rakentajat – Itseohjautuvuudesta parviohjautuvuuteen
  • Kokeilukulttuuri on toimeenpanokykyä
  • Kaikki ovat päätöksentekijöitä
  • Ketterä organisaatio ilman esimiehiä ja johtajia
  • Tekoäly johtajana
  • Kuinka milleniaaleja johdetaan