Jukka is a global keynote speaker, and he speaks at various events, ranging from keynoting conferences or events for companies to giving interactive sessions and workshops for smaller groups and startups. Jukka has gotten top marks and rave reviews at conferences and EMBA programs.

“Jukka is a top-class trainer and consultant with a fresh and inspiring perspective on strategic thinking. Our management program clients give Jukka without exception commendatory feedback on his work. Jukka is highly professional, flexible and reliable as a co-operation partner.” — Jukka Nordlund, was Jukka’s client, Aalto University, Small Business Center

Jukka Nordlund, Aalto University SBC

”Jukka has a fresh way of strategic thinking based on his academic studies. Collaboration with him is innovative and flexible. He is energetic and has the ability to activate customers to dialog and development, which is very valuable to people participating in our training programs.” — Armiliisa Pakarinen, Training manager, was Jukka’s client, Aalto University Executive Education Oy

Armiliisa Pakarinen, Aalto University Executive Education

“Jukka is a very inspiring and well-respected lecturer, whose presentations get also participants excited. He has been involved for several years in the Avance Executive MBA Program talking about strategic management and innovation management. He is also a reliable co-operation partner with who it is a great pleasure to work with.” — Sirpa Koponen, was Jukka’s client Sirpa Koponen Programmes Manager, Jyväskylä University, School of Business and Economics, Avance Executive Education

Sirpa Koponen, Jyväskylä University, School of Business and Economics, Avance Executive Education

“Jukka is a very innovative and co-operative partner having a fresh way of thinking! His energetic approach inspires and challenges other people to dialog. Jukka contributes our management programs by training and tutoring and also our customers’ have valued Jukka’s work as excellent.” — Heli Aaltonen, Training Manager, was Jukka’s client, Helsinki School of Economics, Small Business Center

Heli Aaltonen, Helsinki School of Economics, Small Business Center

“Jukka has innovative ideas and great tools for new business development. He is always developing new efficient tools for business modeling and has nice fresh ideas on how to find the key messages in a new business case. It was a pleasure (and also fun) to work with him.” — Julia Ahvenainen, was Jukka’s client, Stora Enso

Julia Ahvenainen, Stora Enso

“Good experiences in collaboration with Jukka in several different cases. Jukka has excellent know-how and experience to help Stora Enso to find interesting ways of commercializing new products and solutions. With Jukka, we have found a set of new strategic tools to be utilized in creating case sensitive “big picture”.” — Ari Lehikoinen, was Jukka’s client, Stora Enso

Ari Lehikoinen, Stora Enso

“Jukka’s passion for agile strategy and unconventional thinking helped to look strategy from a new angle. His skilled teaching proved to be a big asset moving towards desired targets. His hands-on methods and examples are proven by real-life customers and provides real results. I really enjoyed working with Jukka and would recommend his services to companies who are looking for new ways of looking at their strategy.” – Juha Ilmelä, Creanor Inc when working with Jukka

Juha Ilmelä, Creanor

“Jukka has been a valuable mentor for our team, providing deep insight and expertise regarding strategy and business model development for digital services. He has a vast understanding of the digital future equipped with versatile examples from different industry fields. Jukka is an inspirational person who can motivate and make you understand the critical steps as an entrepreneur.” – Antti was Jukka’s client

Antti Lippo, Sustainability Advocate, Concept Developer